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Donegal Tribe Organization,


Please allow me the opportunity to speak with all of you players, parents and future players and parents affiliated with our organization. Let me Start of by saying, “Good Riddance to 2020.” In all my 15 plus years of coaching and working to develop children into the best that they can be and helping them to achieve their goals. I never wanted to see the girls lose a season of play and for the season to be canceled last year was hard on us all. All of us associated with the organization missed seeing their faces and helping to develop their abilities in a sport we all love to teach. With that said, safety was of the utmost importance and that ultimately was the reason for the season being canceled by the League and the reason we as an organization decided not to participate in the fall season. The fear of the unknown and not wanting to see this affect anyone associated with the organization meant the world to us. The saying, “Live to Fight Another Day”, came up many a times and as cliché as it is, it carried much weight in 2020.

With all of this said I understand frustration that all of you have felt over the last year and want to extend our sincere apology for not being able to provide the girls with a softball season in 2020. I would also like to apologize for the delay in the Refund process for those of you that had to wait on a refund we are sorry for the delay. Unfortunately, we are a 100% volunteer organization and we all do have things that come up in life as do you all and last year was a year of unprecedented challenges and we were all trying to work through them the best we could with the resources we had available to us. The other unfortunate thing that affects all organizations currently is the ability to assemble volunteers to help assist with all that needs to take place inside of the organization. If you can find the time in your schedule, we always appreciate the help anyone can provide. I have always had it in my heart to see this organization succeed as a whole and no child that would like to play ever miss that opportunity. Please feel free to reach out to me directly @ , and please address the subject line withVolunteering. There are multiple areas in the organization we would love to utilize your assistance.


We look forward to this year and our future, keeping in mind that the success of the organization is hinged on the personal development and team success of all the player’s and parents involved in our program.


Thank you again for your help and support with our program and for those currently involved in developing our children, “please keep up the great work “, it is not going unnoticed.


One Tribe, teaching and developing the future youth of tomorrow….


                                                                                                                                           Todd Miller


                                                                                                                                                            Donegal Tribe Softball


by posted 01/11/2021
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