Donegal Tribe Softball Organizational Meeting


February 8, 2022


Zoom Meeting


  1. Attendance:  A. Fenicle, J. Gehman, J. Good, L. Good, S. Heidlauf, B. Heister,  J. Jones, J. Kirkpatrick, T. Miller, J. Neihaus, K. Zeigler
  2. Call to Order: Meeting was called to order by T. Miller at 7:03pm.
  3. Approval of January Minutes  - Approval called for by T. Miller.  Minutes approved with motion by S.Heidlauf and  second by J. Good.
  4. Old Business
    1. Board Member Vacant Positions - T. Miller
      1. Treasurer
      2. Field Maintenance
      3. Equipment
      4. Concessions
    2. Spring Registration - T. Miller
      1. 8U - 15 players registered
      2. 10U-14U - 70 players registered.  Breakdowns of the number of teams at each level will be determined after evaluations.
      3. Pitcher/Catcher Clinics - L. Good
        1. The clinics continue to be a success with 15 players attending for pitching and 9 players attending for catching at the 10U, 12U, and 14U levels. Coach Emenhiser and Coach McComsey have led the sessions along with some of the high school players. The remaining sessions are 2/12/22, 2/26/22, 3/12/22, and 3/26/22. Registration information is posted on Facebook and the DTS website.
    3. Winter Workouts - T. Miller, S. Heidlauf
      1. S. Heidlauf reached out to Frank Hawkins, Donegal Athletic Director, about usage of the DJHS gym for winter workouts and is waiting to hear back about available dates.
    4. Coaches and Assistant Coaches
      1. 8 people have volunteered to coach thus far using the registration link on the DTS website. 
  5. Committee Reports
    1. Treasurer's Report
      1. T. Miller reported that the account balance is currently $7230. $4585 has been collected in registration fees for 10-14U with $640 still outstanding. Emails have been sent by T. Miller to individuals who have not yet paid.  $725 was collected in registration fees for 8U.
      2. T. Miller reported that DTSO will have a budget of $19,000 this year.  This includes running the Nicole Bomberger Memorial Tournament for 10UB teams.  The mandatory sub sale fundraiser will help to offset expenses for the season.  T. Miller will schedule a meeting with the Board to discuss the budget in more detail.
      3. T. Miller reported that credit card rewards are costing the organization money from registration fees.  In the future, other payment options should be investigated.
    2. Field Maintenance Report - T. Miller, S. Heidlauf, J. Good
      1. Update on War Memorial Fields
        1. S. Heidlauf, J. Good, and T. Miller met with Steve DeBottis from Marietta Boro about the usage of War Memorial Park for the Spring 2022 season.  Marietta Boro is open to renewing the agreement with DTS and is in favor of DTS using the fields.  S. DeBottis communicated that he would check on other contracts for use of War Memorial and T. Miller agreed to email S. DeBottis a list of questions regarding the use of War Memorial Park by DTS.  On 2/8/22, T. Miller submitted the special event application for use of War Memorial Park from 3/15/22 - 9/12/22 from 9am - 8:30pm Monday through Sunday. 
      2. Update on Grandview/Westview Fields
        1. J. Gehman reported that she attended the Mount Joy Borough meeting on 2/7/22 to gain approval for hanging sponsor banners on the upper part of the backstop at Grandview.  Approval was granted for 12 signs (3 ft x 5 ft or 4 ft x 6 ft).  Grandview will need to be utilized due to the number of teams for Spring 2022.
    3. Equipment Report - T. Miller, S. Heidlauf
      1. Nothing to report
    4. Website/ Social Media Report - E. Harry
      1. E. Harry has been given access to the website.
    5. Uniforms Report - K. Zeigler, B. Heister, J. Neihaus
      1. K. Zeigler ordered jerseys from Designs Unlimited on 2/4/22 and sample sizes will be delivered to K. Zeigler for uniform sizing
      2. T. Miller ordered pants and will deliver them to K. Ziegler for distribution at uniform sizing
      3. Uniform Sizing will be held Saturday, 2/12/22 from 9am - 12pm at the Community Care Center in Marietta. Pants will be handed out during sizing if registration fees are paid. K. Zeigler will record jersey size, numbers (3 numbers will be recorded), pant size, and shoe size for each player.  Belts and socks will be ordered according to the sizes needed.  K. Zeigler will send jersey information to S. Neihaus by the end of February.
    6. Fundraising Report - J. Gehman, L. Good
      1. Spiritwear Store is ready.  Store will be open for sales from March 1 - March 15th and April 12th - April 26th.  A 2-week turnaround time from the time the store is closed is expected for merchandise to be ready.
      2. A motion was made by S. Heidlauf and seconded by J. Neihaus for DTS to participate in Marietta Days on Saturday, May 7th from 9am - 3pm and sell Turkey Hill drinks and Dutch Country Pretzels.  The motion was unanimously approved.  More information about volunteering for the event will follow.
      3. A motion was made by J. Good and seconded by J. Neihaus to sell R&K Subs/Sandwiches as the mandatory fundraiser for this season.  The motion was made to take orders from 3/25 - 4/8 and submit to R&K on 4/12 for delivery on Tuesday, 4/19.  Players are required to sell at least 15 subs or buyout of the sale for $30.  The motion was unanimously approved.
    7. Concession Stand Report
      1. Per discussion with Marietta Borough, Concession Stand will be Utilized
  6. New Business
    1. Opening Day Event
      1. T. Miller suggested  4/1, 4/2, or 4/3 as possible dates for this event.  The Fundraising Committee suggested Friday, April 8th based on previous plans that were made with Kristen’s Katering for the event.  Events will be planned at War Memorial Park to recognize each player and team.  More information to come.
    2. Donegal Tournament - Nicole Bomberger Memorial Tournament
      1. T. Miller suggested April 9th - 10th or April 22nd-24th for the 10UB tournament.  A motion was made by J. Gehman and seconded by S. Heidlauf to hold the tournament on 4/22 - 4/23 with 10 teams at a cost of $300 per team.  The tournament will include a 3 game guarantee with 2 seeding games and single elimination with ranked teams from the seeding.  T. Miller will reach out to Dave Duckworth to determine umpire fees.  Tournament shirts will be sold.  The motion was unanimously approved.
  7. Open Discussion
    1. L. Good made a motion to nominate Angie Fenicle for Treasurer of DTS.  The motion was seconded by K. Zielger.  T. Miller announced that the Board will vote at a special meeting on Tuesday, 2/15. 
    2. J. Good made a suggestion to change the DTS organizational meeting days from Tuesdays to Sundays due to practices and games being held during the week.  The board will discuss this at the next meeting.
  8. Announcements
    1. LANCO Youth Softball meetings/deadlines
      1. February 18th - Registration for teams and any rule changes need submitted
      2. March 10th - FInal rule changes and league assignments will be approved
      3. Coach’s Meeting: 4/7/2022 @ Nook Sports 8U/10U 6:00 p.m., 12U/14U 7:30 p.m. Team rosters and player waivers must be submitted
      4. 2022 Season will likely start the week of 4/13
      5. Playoffs will likely start Friday 6/10 with Championship Game on June 16th (Rain Date June 17th @ E-Town Fields)
    2. Next meeting is Tuesday, March 8th at 7pm in person at Sheetz Funeral Home
  9. Adjournment - The meeting was adjourned at 8:25pm.