Donegal Tribe Softball Organizational Meeting 
January 11, 2022 
Zoom Meeting 
A. Attendance: J. Gehman, J. Good, L. Good, E. Harry, B. Heister, J. Jones, M. Kedell, T. Miller, J. Niehaus, S. Niehaus, K. Zeigler 
B. Call to Order 7pm by T. Miller 
C. Approval of Minutes 
a. Approval of the December minutes was called for by T. Miller. There was discussion around the information that T. Miller shared at the December meeting regarding the use of War Memorial. J. Good reached out to Rebecca Carol Baltozer, mayor of Marietta, and it was determined that War Memorial is being used by CGA for weekend tournaments only. Information was not clearly presented at the meeting. Meeting minutes were tabled until information regarding War Memorial field usage could be resolved. T. Miller volunteered to reach out to Marietta Boro regarding the use of fields. 
D. Old Business 
a. Board Member Nominations for Vacant Positions 
i. The following positions still remain vacant. 
1. Treasurer - OPEN 
2. Field Maintenance - OPEN, Assistant Jon Good 
3. Equipment - OPEN 
4. Concession Stand - OPEN 
b. Spring Registration 
i. Registration is open and information regarding registration is posted on the website and the Facebook page.
1. Registration is open until January 15th with an upcharge ($10) for registration submitted after the deadline. 13 players have been signed up for 8U and 38 have been signed up for 10U-14U. 
2. A cut-off date for registration of mid-February was discussed for ordering uniforms. 
i. Registration flyers were distributed to local schools prior to Christmas break. 
ii. Lawn sign was placed in front of the Maytown Post Office. Others were not put up due to the possibility of snow/plowing. 
c. Pitcher/Catcher Clinics - update by L. Good 
i. Saturdays 1/8/22, 1/22/22, 1/29/22, 2/12/22, 2/26/22, 3/12/22, and 3/26/22 from 9am - 1pm. 
1. First clinic was held on 1/8/22. The 10U session and the 12U session were held - no 14U players signed up. The sessions were a success with a total of 13 players attending. Donegal High School coaches and players provided instruction for players, while DTSO coaches assisted. 
2. Emails will be sent out the Sunday before the session to players that signed up to confirm registration. A maximum of 6 pitchers and 6 pitchers can be registered for each session. 
3. Coaches can email players to encourage more players to register for future sessions. 
d. Phone Numbers and Emails for Board Positions 
i. T. Miller sent out emails from his DTSO President gmail account to each committee lead with email and password to their respective committee gmail account. Each member responded to T. Miller and L.Good at DTSOPresident@gmail.com and DonegalTribeSoftballOrg@gmail.com with their phone number, address and personal email. L.Good will keep updated spreadsheet of this information in the Secretary Google Drive. 
ii. All Communication related to the organization should be sent utilizing those email addresses, copying DonegalTribeSoftballOrg@gmail.com going forward to ensure records are kept. 
iii. Committee Leads reported receiving “spam” emails from Todd Miller. T. Miller will change passwords to secure his accounts. 
iv. T. Miller provided cell phone number to Board Members
e. Winter Workouts and Evaluations
i.  Evaluations tentatively set up for March 12th & 13th pending final registration numbers
ii. J. Jones provided pricing for Keystone, but based on registration, the cost was too high for the organization. DTSO will utilize the Donegal Junior HIgh School Gym for the Spring Season evaluations 
E. Committee Reports 
a. Treasurer's Report - T. Miller 
i. Bank Balance: Available Upon Request
1. Balance was after payments made for the DTSO Printer and PO Box 
2. There are still have some registration fees outstanding
ii.  PO Box was established in Maytown - PO Box 554 Maytown, PA 17550
1. President and Secretary have keys 
2. Payment of $72 was made for the year 
iii.  The Treasurer needs to be added to the signature card and online banking when position is filled 
1. T. Miller, S. Heilauf, and Jenn Kirkpatrick are currently on the signature card. 
iv.  Checks with ledger attached will be ordered 
b. Field Maintenance Report - T. Miller 
i.  Update on War Memorial Fields 
1. S. Heidlauf provided T. Miller with no update on fields. 
2. J. Good reported that he spoke with R. Carol-Baltozer (Marietta Boro) about usage of War Memorial by CGA. It was reported that Marietta Boro would like to see Marietta youth utilize the fields and did not think CGA would interfere with DTSO’s usage of the fields. 
ii.  Update on Grandview/Westview Fields 
1. Grandview shed needs to be measured to be placed at Westview field if DTSO will be utlizing this field to make room for larger shed at Grandview. 
c. Equipment Report - T. Miller 
i. Equipment is still being housed at War Memorial. Will need to be moved if DTSO does not utilize the fields. 
ii. Need to purchase screen drag and possible cocoa mat 
d. Website/ Social Media Report - E. Harry 
i. Email on the Facebook page is to be updated to DTSOSocial@gmail.com. E. Harry can forward any emails to donegaltribesoftballorg@gmail.com that she cannot answer. 
ii. E. Harry added a registration countdown on the FB page
iii. T. Miller reported that he will email E. Harry new players to the organization so that she can reach out to them with information 
e. Uniforms Report- K. Zeigler 
i. K. Zeigler requested a quote from Scott Neihaus at Design’s Unlimited for printing previously purchased jerseys and for printing new jerseys. K. Zeigler shared this information. 
1. Printing costs: $2.50 for logo, $1 for number, $3 for name on back, $2 for each sponsor = $8.50 per jersey for logo, number, name, and 1 sponsor 
2. Cost of new jerseys vary between $17.00 - $25.00 printed depending on style 
ii. T. Miller counted current Inventory on 1/4/22 and quantities were forwarded to K. Ziegler. Uniform committee will need to determine if there are enough uniforms in either style to field teams for the Spring season 
iii.  T. Miller sent quote to K. Zeigler today (1/11/22) that was received for full uniforms from Kate at CBL. K. Ziegler requested amd received Kate’s contact information to contact CBL directly. 
1. CBL is having difficulty sourcing comparable jerseys due to shortages at this time. They will continue to keep us updated with options. The original cost for the screens for our logo was $30 per screen, we use 2 colors and it is now $15 per screen for printing. Our cost per shirt for printing has been $8.25 with the two tone logo and vinyl numbers ($5). If we choose to add names, they will cost $7. We were advised that there is a nationwide shortage on Vinyl for names and numbers and that white is almost impossible to get (they have had an order placed for it since September). There could be an additional discount if we print more units. 
2. 2021 green jerseys were purchased through Epic Sports -Youth M, Adult M or Adult L are not available at this time in Forest Green. Youth S and M are not available in Kelly Green. No Adult S and only 5 Adult Large in Black. Jerseys are $8.99 per jersey for youth and $10.09 for Adult. 
3. Additional options were sent to K. Ziegler along with details regarding the pants currently being used as well as costs for socks and belts. 
4. 2019 DigiCamo jerseys update 
a. T. Miller suggested that based on remaining inventory, these jerseys could be used for 10U or 12U depending on sizes needed. T. Miller suggested that we could hold off and use these jerseys in the Fall if necessary. 
iv. Uniform Committee will meet prior to February 8th meeting to finalize decision on uniforms 
v. Uniform tryons will be scheduled for Saturday, February 12th and Saturday, February 26th at the Community Care Center in Marietta. 
vi. All uniforms must be distributed before 4/06/2022 due to season starting 4/13/2022 
vii. Uniform Sponsor Form needs updated and distributed 
f. Fundraising Report - J. Gehman 
i. Update on fundraising ideas/plan for Spring 2022 
1. R & K subs will be mandatory fundraiser in May 
2. Egg Roll Lady - optional fundraiser 
a. J. Gehman will request April 21st, 2022 delivery date and will create an order form 
3. Marietta Day - May 7th, 2022 
a. DTSO could have a stand and sell Turkey Hill drinks and Hershey Farms Whoopie Pies. 
b. Dunk Tank or Speed Throw 
c. T. Miller has a radar gun that could be used. We would need a backstop of some sort. 
4. Field Signs 
a. J. Gehman measured the fences and backstop at Grandview Upper field and made contact with Dennis with Mount Joy Boro. DTSO will need to send information to Dennis to get approval. 
5. Spiritwear Store 
a. J. Gehman is working with S. Neihaus to create spirit wear online store. More information to come. 
ii. Opening Day celebration 
1. L. Good shared vision of creating an Opening Day celebration in April to announce teams and players. Open the snack stand or sell a catered meal so families could eat and socialize. Provide a game or event of some sort. 
2. T. Miller cautioned that it may be too cold in April. A suggestion was made to hold it mid-season in May. T. Miller will report back with dates of tournaments so that it would not interfere with them. 
iii. Goal of Fundraising 
1. A question was raised by J. Good about what that goal is for fundraising. T. Miller explained that DTSO has about $10,000 annual operating costs. About $5000 is brought in from registration. Cost is about $175/team. 
g. Concession Stand Report 
i. T. Miller shared the possibility of running a small snack stand at Grandview (chips, sodas, walking tacos, hot dogs, hamburgers, etc.). A decision must be made about where we are playing before plans can be made. 
F. New Business 
a. Spring Coaches (Tentavive depending on Player Assignment after evaluations) 
i. 8U: 
ii. 10U: K. Zeigler (head), D. Gills (assistant), D. Schiffhauer? 
iii. 12U: L. Good (head), B. Heister (assistant), J. Gehman (assistant), T. Myers (?) 
iv. 14U: T. Miller (head) 
b.  Tournaments 
1. Nicole Bomberger Memorial - date needs to be decided 
a. Usually held at beginning of season 
2. League Tournaments will be announced after LANCO Meeting 
c. LANCO Youth Softball meetings/deadlines - will be attended by DTSO President and/or Vice President 
i. Coach Meeting: 4/7/2022 @ Nook Sports 8U/10U 6:00 p.m., 12U/14U 7:30 p.m. 
d. Sponsorship Form - letter needs to be updated 
i. T. Miller will send to J. Gehman 
e. Board Members/Committees meeting prior to next month’s meeting i. Scheduled for Sunday, January 30th at 6pm on Zoom 
G. Open Discussion 
H. Announcements 
a. Next meeting is Tuesday, February 8th at 7pm at Sheetz Funeral Home
I. Adjournment