Donegal Tribe Softball Organization 

Meeting Minutes 

December 14, 2021 

7pm on Zoom 

A. Attendance: T. Miller, M. ???, B. Heister, E. Harry, J. Neihaus, S. Neihaus, A. Fenicle, J. Gehman, J. Jones, S. Heidlauf, K. Coble, K. Zeigler, L. Good 

B. Call to Order - Meeting was called to order by T. Miller at 7:02pm 

C. Approval of Minutes - November 2021 Minutes were acknowledged and posted on website 

D. Old Business 

a. Board Member Nominations 

i. The following nominations were received for board positions. S. Heidlauf made a motion to approve positions as nominated, T. Miller. seconded. Vacant positions will be tabled until the next meeting and open positions will be posted on the website and Facebook page. 

1. Secretary - Lindsay Good 

2. Treasurer - OPEN 

3. Field Maintenance - OPEN, Assistant Jon Good 

4. Equipment - OPEN 

5. Fundraising - Jennifer Gehman (Lead), Assistant Lindsay Good 

6. Website/Social Media - Emily Harry (Lead). Assistant Todd Miller 

7. Uniforms - Kristin Zeigler (Lead), Assistant Beth Heister, Assistant 

Janine Neihaus 

8. Concession Stand - OPEN 

b. By-Laws 

i. All modifications to the current By-Laws discussed at the November meeting were posted on the website on 11/28/21. No written feedback was received by T. Miller or S. Heidlauf prior to this meeting. There was no discussion on the By-Laws. S. Heidlauf made a motion to accept the changes to the By-Laws as listed below. T. Miller seconded the motion and the changes were accepted. 

  1. Modify Article V Section 5 as follows: No Executive Board Member (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary) may serve on the Executive Board of another organization. Exceptions to this rule will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and decided upon by the current Executive Board. In the event of a tie, the vote will be opened to other voting members. If an exception is approved, the Executive Board may elect to deny voting rights of said individual on an item that may be considered a conflict of interest. There will be no exceptions made to Executive Board Members of competing organizations (i.e., MJAA, DBSA, etc.) The reason for this provision is to ensure that the DTSO remains a standalone girls softball organization. A Voting Member (Field Maintenance, Equipment, Fundraising, Website Admin/Social Media, Uniforms, Concession) may be a member of another organization as long as that membership is disclosed and approved by the Executive Board. Their vote may be denied on a specific issue, by the Executive Board, if it appears to present a conflict of interest that may be detrimental to the best interest of the DTSO. 
  2. Modify Article V Section 2 as follows: Voting Members will include: Field Maintenance, Equipment, Fundraising, Website Administrator/ Social Media, Uniforms, and Concessions. Each of these Lead Positions may have 1 or more assistants. Only the Lead will be allowed to vote. In the event that a Lead cannot attend a meeting, he/she may designate an assistant to vote in his/her absence by notifying the Executive Board via the Secretary.

c. Spring Registration 

i. Registration is open and posted on the website and the Facebook page. Registration is open until January 15th with an upcharge for registration submitted after the deadline. 

ii. Registration flyers are printed to distribute to local schools. Todd will drop off the flyers to L. Good on 12/15/21 to be delivered to DPS, DIS, and DJHS. Todd will post lawn signs in the area. 

d. Status of Indoor Winter Workouts 

i. Community Care Center in Marietta is available for use for Pitcher/Catcher Clinics. L. Good has been in touch with Community Bible

Church who owns the facility. The facility is reserved for Saturday 1/8/22, 1/22/22, 1/29/22, 2/12/22, 2/26/22, 3/12/22, and 3/26/22 from 9am - 1pm. 

ii. A copy of the insurance policy has been forwarded but their facility needs to be listed on the policy. T. Miller will contact the insurance company and forward to L. Good to be submitted to CBC. 

iii. L. Good will work on getting coaches to help with the clinics and create Google Form for signups for the sessions. Information will be posted on the website and the Facebook page. 

E. Committee Reports 

a. Treasurer's Report 

i. Organization is in the positive - further details available upon request

  1. No money was paid out since last meeting 
  2. Members would like to see actual bank balance for next meeting 

ii. A PO Box needs to be established for statements/payments to be sent 1. T. Miller will set up on 12/15/21 in Maytown 

iii. The Treasurer needs to be added to the signature card and online banking 1. The position is still vacant - will be completed when position is filled 

iv. Checks need to be ordered with the ledger attached 

b. Field Maintenance Report 

i. T. Miller announced that DTSO will use the Grandview Fields for Spring 2022 season 

  1. S. Heidleuf spoke with Mt. Joy Borough official regarding putting a new shed at the location and moving the old shed to the Westview Field on Schoole Lane
  2. The new shed will cost about $5000 and will house all of our equipment. Will need to plan an additional fundraising effort for the shed 
  3. The Westview Field will need to be prepared for the season to be used for 8U and 10U - Bases will need repositioned and home plate will need replaced 
  4. Mount Joy Borough will take care of spraying the fields

ii. Questions were asked about why we are not using the War Memorial Fields 

  1. T. Miller explained that Complete Game Academy (CGA) is contracted to use War Memorial Park for weekend tournaments and practices. 
  2. T. Miller explained that he will be moving equipment from War Memorial Park 

iii. In future, T. Miller would like Field Maintenance Committee to take care of scheduling fields for practices/games 

c. Equipment Report 

i. Equipment was inventoried and winterized on 11/26/21 by T. Miller, J. Good, O. Good, and S. Heidlauf. 

ii. DTSO will need to purchase screen drag and more nails to repair other drags 

d. Website/ Social Media Report 

i. E. Harry has been given admin rights to the Facebook page 

ii. Website training will begin as needed, with T. Miller’s assistance


e. Uniforms Report 

i. T. Miller requested quote today (12/14/21) for full uniforms from current printer. T. Miller will compare cost of us ordering uniforms and having someone print vs. securing pants and jerseys ourselves and having the jerseys printed 

ii. The plan is to use the DigiCamo for the 8U team and ordering additional uniforms for the remaining teams after current Inventory is counted 

iii. Need sponsors (work with Fundraising) committed by January 15 (7-9 Sponsors) 


f. Fundraising Report 

i. E. Harry, B. Heister, and L. Good have looked into some options. L. Good posted ideas on a spreadsheet and will share with Fundraising Committee

ii. E. Harry explained some of the ideas and a list of ideas was created by those in attendance at the meeting. 

iii. Ideas include: Sub Sale, Hershey Farms Whoopie Pie Sale, Eggroll Sale, Daddy/Daughter Dance, Acorn Farms (Pulled Pork), ask for donations from local businesses, FlipKick, Flowers from Espenshade’s in Ephrata, Chicken BBQ on Maytown Road, Local business discount cards, Gathering Place meals, ColorMeMine/Craft Factory studio sessions 

g. Concession Stand Report 

i. DTSO will remove our equipment from Concession Stand from War Memorial Field 

ii. Concession Stand Committee is no longer necessary since DTSO will not be using War Memorial Park 

F. New Business

a. Phone Numbers and Emails for Board Positions 

i. T. Miller will send out email from his DTSO President gmail account to each committee lead and assistant with email and password to committee gmail account. Each member will need to respond to T. Miller and L.Good at DTSOPresident@gmail.com and DonegalTribeSoftballOrg@gmail.com and reply with phone number and personal email. 

b. Spring Coaching 

i. Link is available for coaches to sign up through the registration tab on the website 

ii. T. Miller is going to create an ad for website and facebook to recruit coaches 

iii. Coaches will need PA State Police Clearance, PA Dept of Welfare Clearance, and FBI Clearance if they have not lived in PA the last five years


c. Winter Workouts and Evaluations 

i. DTSO is looking for a place to hold winter workouts and evaluations in March 

ii. Suggestions were given for the following places 

1. Keystone in Manheim 

a. Large field and batting cages 

b. J. Jones volunteered to find out about availability and pricing of the facility and will email L. Good or T. Miller with information 

2. Elite Baseball in Mount Joy 

a. Could possibly be used for 8U and 10U 

3. Spooky Nook Sports 

a. Large field and batting cages 

G. Open Discussion 

a. War Memorial Field 

i. Questions were raised about the details and finality of the decision to leave War Memorial and move all games to Grandview and Westview.

  1. T. Miller reported that he talked to the Boro Roadmaster. DTSO did not attend any of the Marietta Boro meetings. T. Miller spoke to Glenn and was told that the Marietta Boro made their decision based on money. 
  2. T. Miller reported that the locks were changed at War Memorial 
  3. S. Heidlauf will have a “sit down” meeting with baseball regarding War Memorial

b. If DTSO decides to grill hamburgers/hotdogs for small concession stand at Grandview, J. Jones suggested contacting Giant Foods in Mount Joy or E-town as they will donate $25 to any organization. 

H. Announcements 

a. Next meeting is Tuesday, January 11th at 7pm at Sheetz Funeral Home


I. Adjournment
a. T. Miller motioned to adjourn. J. Jones and J. Gehman seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned.